Thanks so much for your interest in having me master your music! Follow the instructions to begin the mastering process:


  1. Book your mastering session by paying the invoice sent to your email address.

  2. Export your track(s) with the following settings:

    • Turn off all plugins on master bus (or stereo out).

    • Make sure the track has 6dB of headroom.

    • Do not normalize the track.

    • Export into a WAV or AIF using the same bit depth and sample rate you used to record the song.

  3. Send your song to using Dropbox, WeTransfer, or your favorite file transferring service.


Once I have your song, I will send back the master within five business days. When you receive your master, remember to listen to it on five sets of speakers at high and low volumes. The main goal here is to get your song to sound amazing in as many locations as possible, not just your studio monitors. 

Your absolute satisfaction is my goal! Most of my masters are approved right away, but if you hear something in the master you’d like adjusted like overall tone, loudness, dynamics, or width, I provide free revisions until you are completely stoked on your master. Just let me know what you’d like adjusted, and I can work on that for you right away.

Sometimes you might hear something in the mix that you would like to fix after hearing the master. If that is the case, no problem! You can have me master your new mix for just $25. Just let me know, and I’ll send you a new invoice. However, to avoid any extra fees like this, make sure that you are 1000% happy with your mix BEFORE I master it. 

To begin the mastering process, just book the project by paying this invoice, and follow the instructions above to send me your music. I can’t wait to work on your music with you! :)