Brian Skeel is a composer and producer for TV, film soundtracks, film trailers, original artist releases, commercials, and remixes.

Creating a unique and emotive soundscape for each musical project is Brian’s main goal in his work. Each piece of music develops its own unique personality and mood, bringing the projects they are paired with to life. Always looking at the big picture, inspiration is pulled from each project to develop a cohesive musical identity. 

When not composing or creating musical pieces, Brian is passionate to both teach and continue learning. Since graduating from Capital University with a Degree in Music Technology in 2014, he has loved sharing his personal and professional experience in the music industry. This passion has driven him to teach and lead various workshops and walkthroughs on many audio focused subjects over the years. His appreciation for growth and knowledge in the industry has also driven him to constantly be informed, conduct interviews with other musicians and producers, learn new techniques, and work to push the industry standard. 

To date, his music has been featured by Universal, Sony, NBC, CBS, PBS, MTV, VH1, original artist releases, various production volumes, and many other avenues.

Photographer: Alisha Skeel