Brian Skeel is a composer and Sound Designer for video games, films, and film trailers.

His music has been featured by Universal, HBO, Sony, NBC, CBS, PBS, MTV, VH1, as well as original artist releases, various production volumes, and many other avenues.

Meshing sound and emotion in an unforgettable and effective way, he excels at pulling from various styles to create a hybrid palette of musical ideas. This is made possible by his wide musical vocabulary and passion for discovering and forging new sounds unique to each project.

Brian provides an innovative approach and perspective to creating an original sonic identity, all the while maintaining a clear vision of the big picture and the needs of the project.

Music has always been a cornerstone in Brian's life. In 2014, Brian graduated from Capital University with a degree in Music Technology. While enrolled he held the position of Vice Chair, and subsequently, Chair of the local chapter of the Audio Engineering Society.

During this time, he taught workshops on music production, microphone techniques, gear shootouts, and even conducted interviews with producers and musicians. Fusing music with technology has always been a fascinating combination to him, and this continues to show through in any work he touches.

Photographer: Alisha Skeel