Ever since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with sound. I would make note of all the places I misstepped in the house and the floor grumbled like a giant toad. I would swing curtain rods in the air, and note how they sounded sharper, yet more hollow than swinging sticks. I even became obsessed with changing my voice not just to mimic my favorite characters on tv, but also to create brand new characters. Drove my parents absolutely nuts!

From age eleven, I got really good at guitar. I wanted to be the next John Petrucci. But that was all pushed to the side when I discovered sampling, synthesis, and multitrack recording in my teens. Why in the world would anyone practice scales to a metronome when they could create sounds that no one has ever heard before, then arrange them into a song?! Shortly after, I attended Capital University in Columbus Ohio to further improve upon these skills, and found ways to make my original compositions have a polished sound thru proper gear, production techniques, mixing, mastering.

All that to say, as far back as I can remember, marrying new sounds to a musical structure has always fascinated me. Iā€™m always discovering new sonic landscapes to incorporate into my music, as well as new ways to capture and arrange them.


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